12 May

Vendôme - Concorde


Vendôme has the charm of the well-known square in Paris: It is a tapered monolith with a cylindrical section and natural solid warm oak or black painted structure. It has a solid round base and brass cap.

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It is limiting to describe it as a floor lamp, Vendôme is a piece of furniture that lights up the wall through a LED strip that crosses the structure for its whole height (179 cm) and a more powerful bundle given out from the source placed on its top.

Reflecting Vendôme, Concorde is a tribute to Paris too and alludes to the famous square a few steps away from the elegant Champs Elysées.

Round shape monolith, it is tapered and carving and it has a white or black powder coating metal structure. The chromed frame on the top and on the base gives a pleasant lightness sensation. 

06 May

Takè custom


Flexibility use example of TAKÉ, a cascade of light effect to light up the inner stairwell of an apartment complex in Zurich. 

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The project, in collaboration with Archiluce, is realised with innumerable two-elements vertical modules, each of them with PE opal white diffuser and 32 W LED sources (colour temperature: 3000 K).
This is just one of the numerous projects possible with TAKÉ, a system that is made up of  versions from 1 to 6 elements for suspensions;and that offers countless variations for floor, table, wall and outdoor versions too. It is suitable to light up both households and retail or shared areas.

27 April


Our innovative LED sources "light up the beauty".


(from 9’32” to 12’ 00”)

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In front of The Basket of Fruit by Caravaggio, Augusto Grillo explains, to TerzoCanale show, the LED Luum® technology that lights up the precious artworks of Pinacoteca Ambrosiana.